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Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo Event Terms & Conditions

 Bujinkan Liverpool TaiKai 2024 – Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo – (The Organisers)
All participants will need to read, agree and confirm the terms and conditions laid out as

In the event of unforeseen circumstances outside of the Organisers control, including but not
limited to health concerns, international incidents or Global events, COVID or similar infectious
outbreaks, conflicts, or other issues preventing Furuta Sensei and/or Nakagawa Sensei from
attending this TaiKai on the planned dates, then the event will be rescheduled. If Furuta Sensei
and/or Nakagawa Sensei is unable to attend a rescheduled date, then the Organisers will make
all reasonable eNorts to find another Japanese teacher to replace them.

Entry to Event.

Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo TaiKai 2024 is only available to current members of Hatsumi Soke’s
Bujinkan Dojo Organisation, as such all participants will be required to have the appropriate full
training attire – Black Keikogi, Obi, Tabi (Indoor Tabi only) T-shirt etc with permitted Bujinkan
Wappan and logos. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry and/or eject anyone without
refund, who refuses to comply with this requirement.

Only purchased ticket holders will be permitted into the event, and the Organiser’s reserve the
right to not permit anyone who does not have evidence of registration and a purchased ticket; ID
will be required on registration for both days to comply with the venues Health & Safety policies
and Fire Procedures.

This is a 2-day event, and we expect tickets to sell out quite quickly. The TaiKai Organisers
reserve the right to close ticket availability at any time.

Training Tools

Furuta Sensei and Nakagawa Sensei have stipulated that the use of Rubber Tanto and Soft
Hanbo will only be permitted throughout the TaiKai, and both of these training tools must be
suitable and well maintained to prevent accidents, injury or harm; therefore, DO NOT bring any
wooden training tools, polypropylene or plastic derivative training tools, damaged or poorly
maintained training tools, live blades, metal items, sharp or pointed training tools to the event.

The Organisers do not and will not take any responsibility for any accident injury or harm caused
by inappropriate equipment and/or the inappropriate use of any equipment throughout the
TaiKai, the Organises reserve the right to refuse entry and/or eject anyone without refund, those
who refuse to comply with this requirement.

Smoking / Vaping Is not permitted within the TaiKai venue or throughout the Hotel, there are designated areas outside the front entrance for this and we request all participant’s do this in break times only so not to disrupt the event.

Alcohol / Drugs

Will not be allowed within the TaiKai venue, nor permitted at any time during the training
throughout the two days. Any participant(s) who bring and/or use alcohol and/or drugs
(including purchased/consumed alcohol on the premises) will be ejected from the TaiKai
without refund. This includes break times and lunch times for safety reasons.
Toilets / Changing facilities.

We will have toilets and changing areas available on the day that will be accessible only for
TaiKai participants, therefore only TaiKai ticket holders will be permitted in these areas; this is a
non-spectator event and as required entry ID will be asked for.

Lunch / Drinks

You are welcome to bring a packed lunch and drinks, however there are many places within a
few minutes’ walk of the TaiKai venue to purchase items, there will be a kiosk set up for hot
drinks, snacks and other items for purchase provided by the Hotel.

Filming and Photography

No filming or photography will be permitted during the training sessions.
The TaiKai Organisers will make all reasonable eNorts to ensure that there are opportunities to
take non flash photographs of/with Furuta Sensei and Nakagawa Sensei, but these
opportunities will be kept outside of the training sessions.

The TaiKai Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or eject anyone without refund, who fails
to comply with these conditions.

Goods and Merchandise

Only Goods and Merchandise authorised by the TaiKai Organisers will be permitted for sale at
the TaiKai. Any participant who breaks this condition may refused entry or ejected or without
refund, this will be solely at the discretion of the Organisers.

Safe participation

In accordance with Bujinkan Honbu rules, Subsection (5):
“Regarding accidents occurring during training (both inside and outside the Dojo), one
should not cause trouble to the Bujinkan. This is an extremely important point. Those
unwilling to take personal responsibility for accidents occurring during Bujinkan training
shall not be admitted. Reiterating for clarity, the Bujinkan shall not take responsibility for
any accidents happening in the course of training, regardless of the location.”

As such, Bujinkan Honbu Dojo, its representatives, Furuta Sensei, Nakagawa Sensei, Clunan
Sensei, Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo and the Organisers of the Bujinkan Liverpool TaiKai do not and
will not take any responsibility for any accident, injury or harm occurring before, during or after
the TaiKai event. Therefore it is the responsibility for all TaiKai participants to ensure their own
safe practice of Martial Art training, including health and safety requirements, and so must hold
valid personal Martial Art Insurance. Those travelling from outside of the UK must ensure that
their Martial Art and Travel insurance covers participation in this event. Those not willing to take
responsibility for their own health and safety will not be permitted to participate In the TaiKai
event and the Organises reserve the right to refuse entry and/or eject anyone without refund,
those who refuse to comply with this requirement.

If any participants has any underlying physical health conditions, neurodiversity or
psychological health issues that may aNect their safe participation in the TaiKai, then
professional medical guidance must be sought prior to participation, they must also inform the
Organisers who will strive to make every eNort to accommodate them. If professional medical
guidance has been ignored, crucial information withheld, or if the Organisers believe that a
participant’s health may represent a health risk or danger to themselves or others, then TaiKai
Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, or require the participant to leave without refund,
this will be solely at the discretion of the Organiser.

Gift Giving

Participants are requested not to bring gifts for Furuta Sensei or Nakagawa Sensei. This is
due to limited luggage allowance, and the inconvenience of transporting excessive items.
If you wish to give them a small gift, then please wait until you visit Japan and take these
with you.

Participants who do give Furuta Sensei or Nakagawa Sensei gifts, will be responsible for the
full cost of handling and shipping them to Japan. These will be kept in safekeeping by Clunan
Sensei and Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo who will arrange the fees and shipment on behalf of
Furuta Sensei and Nakagawa Sensei.


The Organisers and Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo reserve the right to not issue a refund on any
registration fees or tickets once purchased. In the exceptional event of a refund being issued, a
handling fee will be charged.

Conduct and Behaviour

Do not bring shame or disrepute to the Bujinkan and Hatsumi Soke.
All participants are expected to conduct themselves within a disciplined and respectful manner
at all times. You will be representing yourself, your instructor, your Dojo, your Martial Art, the
Bujinkan Organisation and Hatsumi Soke. Any issues with unbecoming conduct and behaviour
will be met with swiftly and severely, and the TaiKai Organises reserve the right to refuse entry
and/or eject anyone without refund.

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